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LC — 03 August 2011, 11:59

We all have an obligation to participate in the educational equity of our children. I’ve often wondered what is the difference between a school that is successful versus a school that isn’t. Does the economic status of the students determine whether they will or will not, receive a better education than those who are financially secured? We focus too much on the economic status, whereas we should focus on the educational guilt and the relationship to our educational system. What is the meaning of “educational guilt?” The explanation is that it is the realization that you have not put your heart into the betterment of the educational system. Educational guilt does not include just involve the school, but the entire process: parent involvement, community involvement, churches and school-focused corporations. Educational guilt speaks to finding it in your heart to make a difference in our actions. Feelings equal actions and actions equal success. http://www.zazzle.com/get_rid_of_the_kryptonite_tshirt-235778009999011922

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