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Melissa Bollow Tempel — 02 October 2010, 16:13
SK — 01 October 2010, 16:47

Last week, Oprah and Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg engineered a $100 million ‘gift’ to Newark Mayor Cory Booker to fund a “Mayoral” takeover of Newark public schools. Booker’s partner in this plan was NJ Gov. Chris Christie who cut more than $1b from the state’s school budget this year and declared open war on the state’s teachers. Many people outside Newark are unfamiliar with Booker and his long history as a supporter of vouchers and board member of DFER (corporate ‘reform’ Democrats). Those tracking this story may be interested in my comment about Booker’s history at the end of this discussion of Booker’s appearance on Oprah’s show.(scroll down for comments.)


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