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Don Berg — 12 June 2011, 13:00http://www.Teach-Kids-Attitude-1st.com

An alternative educator’s video attack on Waiting For Superman for it’s presentation of teaching and learning:

Robert D. Skeels — 08 February 2011, 14:18http://rdsathene.blogspot.com/

On Anschutz, Villaraigosa, LAUSD Privatization Candidates, and Riding Dinosaurs


Exposing Villaraigosa’s Coalition for School Reform ties to right wing extremists like Philip Anschutz. Explores how plutocrat dollars flow to so-called reform candidates, who then follow the corporate agenda. Anschutz’s Walden Media funded the production of the unabashed corporate charter propaganda piece, “Waiting for Superman.”

Robert D. Skeels — 20 January 2011, 13:47http://rdsathene.blogspot.com/

Crafty Camino Nuevo Charter Charlatans


A critical look at the nefarious corporate charter operator, Camino Nuevo, which is trying to pilfer yet another new public school site under LAUSD’s corporate charter giveaway resolution.

Larry Paros — 10 January 2011, 15:45www.walkrightinthemovie.com

Please support the anti-Superman film— the story of a progressive school that we created more than 40 years ago which is still relevant today: www.walkrightinthemovie.com. We need to get the word out. Help!

Robert D. Skeels — 23 October 2010, 11:44http://rdsathene.blogspot.com/

Caroline Grannan: “Waiting for Superman” subject’s own words refute movie’s tale


Robert D. Skeels — 19 October 2010, 18:00http://rdsathene.blogspot.com/

I take on Guggenheim’s recent comments from an interview in A.V. Club in the following piece:

Right-wing Reactionary “Guggenheim on Unions, Green Dot”

TW — 07 October 2010, 09:18

Even “Waiting for Superman” tacitly acknowledges the power imbalance inherent in the education system; unions provide an important check on that power.

NWfS — 06 October 2010, 19:55

Free Speech Radio News story on WfS with Rethinking Schools editor Stan Karp


Bob Peterson — 01 October 2010, 22:35

Gail Collin’s piece Waiting for Superman in the NYT’s on September 28 is great. The lottery system used by some charter schools is so anti-child. Check out her column at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/30/opinion/30collins.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

NWFS — 30 September 2010, 10:22

CA Teacher Larry Ferlazzo’s picks for “Best Posts & Articles About The Teacher-Bashing “Waiting For Superman” Movie & Associated Events

NWFS — 30 September 2010, 09:05

A thread for resources, articles, and links.

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