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Mark — 15 March 2011, 13:31

I’m waiting for some common sense, which unfortunately is not that common. When I hear someone (a so called expert on education from the WFS website) brag about how they are a Harvard grad, yet they make rediculous claims about how young people choose teaching as a career because of the time off, it frustrates me. That same expert then goes on to say how merit pay will really be a great incentive for teachers to excel. This seems totally in opposition to their hypothesis that explains why teachers choose a career with less pay and more time off, right?

Patti Bradstreet — 03 March 2011, 04:47

As an educator, I am horrified at what is happening in our schools. Anyone who has children in a public school should seek the truth about what is going.. Why? The truth is and has been hidden for years. Attention has been directed at the inadequacies of educators vs. the real issues… And of course everyone knows who suffers, yes children.. Educators are definitely not having a tea party and it will take more than this movement to save our children. The truth is needed.

NWfS — 09 October 2010, 09:45

NWfS — 06 October 2010, 20:34

Teacher Sabrina’s proposals for improving education


NWfS — 06 October 2010, 06:28


Here are some options/strategies
Transforming Teacher Unions

When the Lights Come Up on Waiting for Superman, Here’s What Teachers Need

Not Superman — 05 October 2010, 21:48

So, tell me the options or strategies that teachers and unions are proposing in order to improve education outcomes?

or maybe you don’t things anything is wrong? maybe the problems are the parents and the principals……???

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