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<< Why ‘Inside Job’ bests ‘Waiting for Superman’ on school reform

Education Reform Has Jumped the Shark - Living in Dialogue - Education Week Teacher |

All Opinions Are Local - A chance to learn from Rhee’s mistakes >>

Pushback is building! Check out this column by teacher Anthony Cody: “Education Reform Has Jumped the Shark” in Teacher Magazine…including plans at the end for a “Stop Griping, Start Organizing” roundtable of ed activists on 9/28. Good discussion in the comments too.

I wrote a few weeks ago that we had reached a tipping point. It is strange the way these things work. The education reformers have invested billions in numerous ventures that promote their vision. This next week, the release of Waiting for Superman, NBC’s Education Nation specials and teacher townhall, and Michelle Rhee and Bill Gates on Opr… Go to the original…



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