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Check out the excerpts from outraged parents, teachers and citizens…good to see

We held a press conference yesterday at Rockefeller Center, in protest of the one-sided coverage of NBC’s “Education Nation,” which has turned out to be an infomercial brought to you by the Billionaire boys club of Gates, Broad and Bloomberg. Here is some coverage from Gotham Schools, and the Epoch Times.

As made clear by this media extravaganza, a handful of wealthy men and their corporate-style, free-market views were allowed to completely dominate the media, as they already control much of the output of the education research organizations and think-tanks in DC, despite any evidence that their methods will improve our schools, all in the name of “innovation.” They are wreaking destruction not only on our public education system, but waging a massive misinformation campaign, with even the National Academy of Sciences powerless before them. Go to the original…



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