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Jim Horn at Schools Matter is asking MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to add at least one guest who knows school issues to balance the “billionaire boys club” festival the station has been hosting. Maddow is a big fan of Corey Booker, but also a the best journalist on MSNBC, so can’t hurt to ask.

My letter to Rachel Maddow, the best chance on Microsoft-NBC to get someone on screen to counter the media blitzkrieg from the oligarchs. Please copy this one, or write your own today to Rachel@msnbc.com:

Dear Rachel:

During this week’s wall to wall promotion of “Waiting for Superman” and the corporate solutions emanating from that film (the ones by Gates, the Waltons, and the rest of the “Billionaire Boys Club” (Ravitch, 2010)), I and millions of others are waiting, instead, for some coverage of the public educators’ and parents’ position regarding the agenda of total compliance charters, evaluations based on test scores, end of tenure, constant testing, etc. Go to the original…



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