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The Shocking Doctrine of Ed Reform Laid Bare by NBC — NaomiKlein.org |

Who’s your sugar daddy? | Arkansas Reporter >>

“I naively assumed that those who practice the shock doctrine of disaster capitalism would at least hide the fact that they trafficked in such a dark art. NBC’s blatant promotion of the tactic just shows how far down we’ve sunk ethically as nation, when large-scale human misery and disaster is someone’s blithe recipe for a cure.

“Shame on NBC.”

When I saw the roster of invited guests for NBC’s week-long “Education Nation summit” that began Sept. 26, I sensed that viewers would not be getting a fair cross-section of perspectives. The “top leaders in education” that NBC rounded up primarily included CEOs (from AOL, State Farm, Netflix, Teach for America, Inc.), politicians, charter school operators, and representatives from the ed reform-pushing foundations of billionaires Bill Gates and Eli Broad.

Where were the panels of parents? The panels of unscripted teachers? Go to the original…

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