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Sarah Knopp: The Suicide of Rigoberto Ruelas |

It’s Time to Decriminalize Learning >>

Interesting piece on the problems with value added measurement and the push to privatize LA Schools.

Rigoberto Ruelas attended Miramonte Elementary as a student and returned to work there for 14 years, first as a TA and then as a 5th grade teacher. In 14 years, he almost never missed a day of work. But Sunday September 19th he called in sick. His body was found a week later at the underneath a 100-foot high bridge in the Angeles National Forest. Suicide is the leading theory of the cause of death, although no note was found.

Suicide rarely has a single cause, and usually follows a long chain of socially preventable adversity, but Ruelas had been distraught in the most immediate sense over the August 14th publication in the Los Angeles Times of an article called “Who’s Teaching L.A’.s Kids?”

And although it‘s still speculation at this point that the Times article was a leading cause of Ruelas’ distress, at the very least it was an extremely dark storm cloud over his last days. Go to the original…

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