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A Manifesto of Errors: Rhee, Klein and the Gang Strike Out - Living in Dialogue - Education Week |

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From teacher Anthony Cody in the Teacher Leaders Network, on EdWeek.org

This week some of the people our media has anointed the leaders of educational reform, including Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein and a baker’s dozen of school superintendents, released a “Manifesto” purporting to tell us how to fix our schools. But this is a manifestation of monumental misconceptions, that begs to be refuted. Let’s take it point by point. Go to the original…


eamiller — 13 October 2010, 22:13

Regarding the glacial speed of removing incompetent teachers… Is 10 weeks glacial? Because eight years ago, my principal, with the full support of my union, managed to fire a dreadfully incompetent, tenured teacher who was a member of a recruited MINORITY. In just 10 weeks. She followed the plan laid out in a cooperative effort between the school district administration and the union executive board. And, wonder of wonders, it worked. Unions don’t protect bad teachers; lazy administrators protect bad teachers. Amazing what happens when administrators do their job.


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