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The Answer Sheet - How to save schools right now: Let teachers teach |

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“Most American teachers are good at their jobs — when they are allowed to do their jobs. And that is the primary problem with our public schools. Teachers are not allowed to teach.”

By LouAnne Johnson
We don’t have to wait for Superman to save our public schools. We can save our schools ourselves. Right now. Without firing the teachers or disbanding their unions. Without creating more standardized tests. Without pitting schools against each other in a race for dollars which should rightfully be divided equally among the school-age children of this country.

As with many complex problems, the answer is a simple one — so simple that it is overlooked.

The answer can be stated in seven words that even a child could understand: Train teachers well — then let them teach. Go to the original…


Kipp Dawson — 15 October 2010, 22:12

Check out Tony Norman column in Oct. 15 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10288/1095262-153.stm

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