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More school reform we can’t believe in…from Valerie Strauss

President Obama is welcoming to the White House the five charming students who starred in the education film “Waiting for Superman.”

Thank you, Mr. President, for helping Davis Guggenheim promote “Superman,” which presents an often misleading and sometimes dishonest look at the public education system. The $2 million grant that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave to market the movie worldwide apparently wasn’t enough to whip up publicity.

The five students in the film are shown trying to escape their troubled traditional public schools by participating in lotteries for admittance to public charter schools. It is, for sure, emotional.

Through no fault of the kids, Guggenheim edited the film to make it seem as if charter schools are a systemic answer to the ills afflicting many traditional public schools, even though they can’t be, by their very design. Go to the original…

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