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Waiting For Superman To Profit - Marc Ambinder - Politics - The Atlantic |

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Box office bomb? Waiting for Superman “…had all the buzz in the world, including major magazine cover stories, a tie-in election (the Washington, D.C. mayoral race), and an extensive media engagement campaign. But it isn’t making a splash.

“By way of comparison, Michael Moore’s ‘Farenheit 911′ grossed more than $72 million. By comparison, ‘Waiting for Superman’ is keeping pace with ‘The Aristocrats,’ a film about the dirtiest joke ever told.”

Seventeen days after its debut, Davis Guggenheim’s “Inconvenient Truth,” starring Al Gore, had grossed $2,921,406 — not huge, but a respectable amount of money for a documentary that would go on to win an Academy Award.

Guggenheim’s latest effort on education policy, “Waiting for Superman,” isn’t fairing as well. Seventeen days after its debut, it has grossed $1.4 million. Go to the original…


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Thanks for shairng. What a pleasure to read!

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