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<< Education Reform and Accountability in Florida - Newsweek

Diane Ravitch challenges school reformers face to face - Houston Education reform | Examiner |

The Rule Of Law — Chris Lehmann in the Huffington Post >>

“‘Please stop claiming Teach for America can close the achievement gap,’ Ravitch urged. ‘Nobody who teaches for two or three years can close the achievement gap.’”

“You send out a false message,” Diane Ravitch, the nation’s premier education historian, told school reformers on Thursday night at Rice University.

The event hosted by Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) charter schools, Teach For America (TFA), and the Rice Educational Entrepreneurship Program gave Dr. Ravitch the opportunity to speak directly to school reform leaders. Go to the original…


Jayhawk — 30 December 2011, 22:22http://www.yahoo.com/

This introduces a plesnailgy rational point of view.

zbvowj — 31 December 2011, 07:18http://vmokfhmmgkxg.com/

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