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<< The Rule Of Law — Chris Lehmann in the Huffington Post

How to fix our schools — Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute |

Daily Kos: This teacher reacts to seeing “Waiting for Superman” >>

A thoughtful article by Richard Rothstein on quality teaching from the Economic Policy Institute. It takes on the assertion that the main problem in schools is that unions prevent districts from getting rid of bad teachers and that merit pay is a positive reform.

There is a world of difference between claiming, as the Klein-Rhee statement does, that the single biggest factor in student success is teacher quality and claiming, as Barack Obama does in his more careful moments, that the single biggest school factor is teacher quality. Decades of social science research have demonstrated that differences in the quality of schools can explain about one-third of the variation in student achievement. But the other two-thirds is attributable to non-school factors. Go to the original…

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