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Another sharp critique: “Waiting for Superman: He’s ‘adequate’ and near proficient!”…Dr. Alice E. Ginsberg

The idea that hundreds of years of research on, and innovations in, American public schools can so be easily reduced to “conjecture and hearsay” is but one of many disturbing facts about how this film has been interpreted and received by the media and a large portion of the American public. Can we so easily dismiss the deeply moving and compelling work of education historian Jonathan Kozol, who is most famous for his book Savage Inequalities (1991) about glaring inequities in school funding and civil rights? Or that of Coalition of Essential Schools founder Ted Sizer, one of the visionary leaders of the small-schools movement who sought to give children a more personalized stake in their education? What about the extensive research on multiple intelligences conducted by Harvard University’s Howard Gardner, author of Frames of Mind (2006), which has led so many educators to see children as complex individuals who respond to different stimuli?

What about the philosophy of prolific progressive reformers John Dewy and Paulo Freire, who have long argued that all teaching and learning are relational, mutual and on-going processes that become truly meaningful only when connected to real-world problems and social action? Go to the original…

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