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<< Schools Matter: The Cathleen Black appointment: A precedent

Deny a waiver to Cathleen Black; she is unqualified to become NYC Chancellor! | Change.org |

A more fitting remembrance of Joel Klein’s tenure « Failing Schools >>

Petition to deny a waiver to Cathleen Black to serve as NYC schools chancellor. “Black is a corporate executive and magazine publisher who has no education experience, did not attend public school herself, and sent her children to private boarding schools in Connecticut. Her background does not qualify her to lead a school system of 1.1 million public school students.”

Mayor Bloomberg has appointed Cathleen Black as the new NYC Schools Chancellor to succeed Joel Klein. Ms. Black is a corporate executive and … Go to the original…


John Burns — 26 November 2010, 16:42

Mr. Steiner a compromise is unacceptable. Ms. Black has no experience or qualifications to run the NYCDOE. If you waive her I request a waiver also. I would like to become a Principal without the proper documentation, unlike Ms. Black I have many years of experience the field.
When will I be approved?

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