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From Learning First Alliance: “One theme over the past several months has been concern that the conversation on public education does not reflect that the reality of most public schools. It reflects the spin of mainstream and talk show media, political figures and business celebrities. Educator and parent voices are often left out of conversations on the state — and future — of our nation’s schools.

“Others share this concern. That is why Monday, November 22 has been declared a National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform. It is a grassroots effort to bring together educators (including parents) to offer their ideas on how to improve America’s public schools.”

Add your voice!

  • Can we fire our way to success? Some educational reformers view the inability to easily fire teachers and principals as a substantial barrier to increasing student achievement. What do you think?
  • What role do charter schools play in driving public school transformation? Are there charter schools in your community? How have they impacted your school or district?
  • What state and federal policies have driven the students in your school to success? Describe how your experience as an educator, parent or student has been impacted by governmental policy. Moving forward, what kind of policies do you advocate?

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