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Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post brings us an article from Matthew Di Carlo, senior fellow at the non-profit Albert Shanker Institute.

Bill Gates, who appears to be running for shadow education secretary, just urged states and school districts to pay teachers according to “value-added based” merit systems that inevitably use standardized test scores to judge how well a teacher is doing, despite criticisms that there is no evidence such systems work.

Experience in teaching doesn’t matter much, nor do advanced education degrees, Gates said in a speech to the Council of Chief State School Officers’ annual policy forum in Louisville on Friday. Go to the original…


mlonoff — 26 November 2010, 14:19

Bill Gates has to tell us what kind of education he wants for his children. Presumably he does not want “drill and kill” test prep, which would be the consequences of value-added based “merit systems.”

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