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<< TeachMoore: Time To Stop the Hypocrisy About Poverty and Education

Who are Democrats for Education Reform … and why do they keep bashing public schools and unions? |

Congress Lowering Standards for Teachers; Hiding Truth from Poor, Minority Parents >>

From Michael Hirsch, writing for the United Federation of Teachers. “DFER calls Barack Obama ‘the first ever Democratic president elected without significant support of teachers’ unions’ — a shocker to those UFT members who went to toss-up state Pennsylvania to stump for Obama and to AFT and NEA members nationwide who campaigned for the candidate in 2008.”

There’s a political action committee called Democrats for Education Reform. A great name, but I heard that they only support nonunion charter schools, bash unions and get subsidized by Wall Street hedge-fund managers. What’s up with that? Go to the original…

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