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Fact-checking “Waiting for Superman”: False data and fraudulent claims |

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From parent activist Leonie Haimson on the NYC Public School Parents site.

In the movie Waiting for Superman, nominated for an Oscar as the best Documentary of 2010, the following statement is made:

“ …in Illinois, 1 in 57 doctors loses his or her medical license, and 1 in 97 attorneys loses his or her law license, but only 1 teacher in 2500 has ever lost his or her credentials.”

In an effort to verify these claims, I first consulted the annual summary put out by the Federation of State Medical Boards. In reality, 121 doctors lost their licenses in Illinois in 2009, out of 43,670 physicians. That means an average of 0.3% of doctors per year lost their licenses; or 3 out 1,000 per year. Over six years, this would equal 1.8% — substantially the same as the 1 in 57 figure cited in the source material. Go to the original…



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