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While everyone knows that Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech is likely to continue to push for the agenda that we’ve been facing in Race to the Top — privatization, more testing and test based “accountability,” Arne Duncan’s meanderings, more charter schools, and the other policies that have taken the nation’s public schools further towards ruin than anything imagined when George W. Bush was President — we can at least try an imaginary alternative. Hence, the following wording from a State of the Union speech that we won’t hear (at least not from the current President of the United States). —George Schmidt, Editor, Substance News

Too, these segregating charters often drain tax dollars away from public schools that could use those funds for renewal, restoration, and renovation during these hard economic times, when the best research tells us that less than 20 percent of charter schools are doing better than the struggling regular public schools they are replacing. Therefore, I am declaring a moratorium on federal funding for all new charter schools until the Institute of Educational Science and the Government Accounting Office can complete a thorough review of charter school benefits, costs, and overall effects on America’s public schools. Go to the original…



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