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From Rebecca Levey via Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post.

Why aren’t parents rioting in the streets?

This is the question an educator asked me Tuesday. A private school educator in New York City.

We were among over 200 people invited to Barry Diller’s IAC headquarters in Chelsea to have lunch and listen to the presentation for a brand new private school in Manhattan called Avenues — The World School. I wasn’t invited to this lunch as an NYC blogger, I was invited as the co-president of the Parents’ Association of my daughters’ New York City public school and went there with my co-president.

It’s hard to explain this sort of event to people who have never been to a New York City media and money-filled event. This was not red carpet, this was not celebrity; this was the kind of event that shows you where real power lies in this world. Money. Bankers, publishers and more bankers. I haven’t been to something like this in more than 10 years, when I worked for a billionaire family here in New York City.

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