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Why I am not a defender of the ‘status quo’ in education — because the ‘status quo’ is failed ed reforms |

LA Times Manipulates the Teacher Evaluation Story >>

The current crowd of ed reformers like to dismiss any of us who disagree with their agenda as “defenders of the status quo.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am not a defender of the status quo in public education – because the status quo is currently “No Child Left Behind” and its insidious spin-off, “Race to the Top.”

It is “merit pay” which lashes teacher evaluations to student test scores, and which repeated studies and common sense show doesn’t work.

It is data-manipulation to create the illusion of ed reform “success.” (See: “Standards Raised, More Students Fail Tests.”

It is the re-segregation of public schools, exacerbated by the growth of charter schools.

It is overpaid, revolving school superintendents or chancellors with no ties to the local community, often no background in education, and no plans to stick around. That is the Broad Foundation model and the cause of the recent outcry in New York when Mayor Bloomberg chose a publishing executive with no background in education to be the chancellor of New York’s schools. Go to the original…

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