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Why Unions are Good for Children |

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By Kristin Schall, NY Public Schools Examiner

Putting unionized childcare workers in every publicly administered childcare center would go a long way toward living up to the noble ideals this society holds about the children. If we are indeed to fulfill the promise of equality made so clearly as a result of the Civil Rights movement a good place to start would be with our children. Let the educational development of our children become a primary public concern and our society will become richer for it.

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Jackie — 03 March 2011, 04:17

Why unions are good for children? How do you live with yourself?

DM, 54 a former gym teacher at the Life Academy HS of Film and Music in Bensonhurst, was caught on camera placing a petite, 15 year old girl in a chokehold and dragging her by the neck last year. A state arbitrator fined the 30 year vet $7,500. She’s paid $100,049 a year.

ES-K, a former math teacher at John Bowne HS, in Flushing was found guilty of 18 different charges involving corporal punishment, verbal abuse, incompetence, excessive lateness, forging doctor’s notes and dyeing her hair during work hours. She was suspended for a year, but is again getting her $82,748 salary.

Math teacher, RL engaged in an obsessive relationship with a female student during the 2007–2008 school year. He sent her text messages after school engaged in hugging and kissing, and offered her a test before it was being administered. He got a six month suspension without pay. His salary is $75,937.

BC, a 22 year veteran Brooklyn speech teacher, was nailed for accessing pornographic material on a school computer. He received a 30 day suspension. He makes $85,426.

Brooklyn elementary school teacher DJ was twice found guilty of corporal punishment and verbal abuse. She has been fined a total of $8000 for the offenses. She receives $78,885 a year.

Bronx Regional HS secretary AM was penalized $2000 for submitting bogus doctor’s notes for absences from a Brooklyn rubber room. A 12 year veteran, she makes $50,418.

Teachers convicted of criminal charges or found guilty of misconduct are prime examples of instructors who should be fired instead of worthy teachers with less seniority, city officials said.

More than 1000 teachers have been found guilty of crimes or misconduct over the last five years, and they’re still on the Department of Education payroll-courtesy of the taxpayers.”


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