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What a great graphic illustrates Ed Week’s story on the 10th anniversary of NCLB.

Renee Moore, Michael Mulgrew and Susan Ohanian make striking contributions to the retrospective at http://goo.gl/uNS6A

Ten years after President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act into law on Jan. 8, 2002, NCLB is now overdue for reauthorization in Congress. Bipartisan in its origins but controversial in its execution, NCLB, which is the latest version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, expanded the federal role in education and targeted improving the achievement of disadvantaged students.
To reflect on the law’s anniversary, the Education Week Commentary editors asked a range of K-12 education leaders, politicians, teachers, and child advocates for their thoughts. This package also includes links to Education Week’s coverage over the decade, readers’ comments, and a glossary of selected NCLB terms.

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