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“Now the value-added logicians like Eric Hanushek and Bill Sanders propose a solution that takes us all the way back to the elementary school classroom: get rid of the teachers who produce low test scores (and any subsequent unhappiness), most of whom are teaching the poor, and hire only teachers who are achieving average or above average test scores. So that when all teachers, then, are average or above average, then none will be below average.

“Got that? Good. See you at the bottom of the rabbit hole.”

By Jim Horn of Schools Matter

Much ado is being made about an economics-in-education study hailed as “new” by the New York Times, even though the Times reporter indicates that findings were presented at “more than a dozen seminars” during the past year. No specifics on that, and none are cited on the very current CV by lead author of the study and newest and youngest Harvard rock star economist, Raj Chetty.

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