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Chicago teacher-parent alliance highlighted key parent issues | Parents Across America |

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‘The widespread support that Chicago parents gave their children’s teachers indicates the many points at which the interests of parents, teachers and students go hand-in-hand.’

As a nationwide parents group, Parents Across America (PAA) does not take a stand on union issues. We regret that Chicago families had their schedules disrupted and Chicago children lost valuable learning time during the recent Chicago strike. However, the teachers in Chicago have highlighted important challenges in public education that resonate with families and communities across the country.

In addition to issues of pay and benefits, Chicago teachers chose to spotlight flawed policies that are hurting students in our nation’s public schools. We applaud their advocacy of common-sense improvements that include school libraries, small class sizes, humane learning conditions, and adequate social services for students. We are delighted that so many parent voices joined their strong call for better schools.

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