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We fought the invasion of PS 15: a real-life “Won’t Back Down” story |

Karen Lewis and Randi Weingarten Write an Article about the Strike in the Wall Street Journal >>

‘our story won’t be the subject of any Hollywood film, and it does not have a Hollywood ending, but it is real and should serve as a cautionary tale…’

The movie “Won’t Back Down” is a work of fiction but is said to be based on real life events. It tells the story of a teacher and a parent in a ‘failing’ school who join forces to ‘save their school’. The tale is a powerful one and some viewers may find themselves rooting for the protagonists. We too identify with the film, but not because we belong to a poorly performing school. Instead, we have fought to save our successful public school from the invasion of a charter school, which is not a story that the pro-privatization producers of the film would be likely to tell.

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