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Book Review: The Future of Our Schools; Teacher Unions and Social Justice |

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Valuable new book from Lois Weiner on the future of teacher unions. Reviewed by Anthony Cody in his “Living in Dialogue” blog at Ed Week Teacher.

Today I am taking time to review an insightful new book, authored by Lois Weiner: The Future of Our Schools; Teachers Unions and Social Justice (2012, Haymarket Books.) This work presents a useful guide to teachers who wish to make the most out of one the most powerful tools we have - our unions.

In our discussion of how to improve schools, teacher unions are a frequent focus of discussion. The education “reformers” portray unions as defenders of the status quo and protectors of bad teachers. On the opposite side, we also hear those who are frustrated when teacher unions agree to the use of test scores in teacher evaluations, or endorse wayward politicians. Sometimes, in frustration, some even wonder if the unions are of much use at all.

Lois Weiner makes a strong case for why our unions are important.

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